Chocolate City @ MIT (est. 1975) 40th Reunion 2015

25th Reunion 2000

Technology Review January/February 2001 (page MIT 14)


Greetings Chocolate City @ MIT ... 


Forgotten, is the fact that the Institute approached MIT students, seeking groups of students willing to leave their existing living arrangements and venture into New House 1. New House officially opened to students Fall of 1975. 

We co-founders did not boldly demand a Black living group. We were among several groups rightfully vying for the top three (3) floors of New House 1! 

Fortunately, in the Spring of 1975, Glenn A. Graham '77 pulled the lucky number from out of a hat, as I recall, in the Bush Room. Also, note that CC was not the only Black living group during my 1974-78 era. 

Black folk congregated at MIT East Campus 3rd West, women on the fifth (or was it sixth) floor McCormick and who can forget the brothers in G-Entry at McGregor. So, at the time, we didn't actually view ourselves as revolutionaries. Just some young lads who had formed friendships and sought to move into New House 1 together.

Please continue to keep us oldheads informed of campus matters that may impact dear Chocolate City @ MIT, overlooking the banks of the Charles River, with the Boston skyline in clear view. Roy '78 

Chocolate City @ MIT was conceived during the Spring of 1975 by the following: 

Theodore Austell '78
Albert H. Frazier, Jr. '78 SB Course X (HBS '80)
Glenn A. Graham '77 SB Course II
Roy W. Haygood III '78 SB Course VI-1A
Edward S. Miller '78 

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