Giving to MIT

Wesley L. Harris MITES Scholarship Fund (3651550)
In honor of Professor Wesley L. Harris, the Charles Stark Draper Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Wesley L. Harris MITES Scholarship Fund has been established. At Professor Harris’s 60th birthday celebration on October 19, 2001, his family members and close friends surprised him by announcing their intention to raise funds to establish the Wesley L. Harris MITES Scholarship. This endowed fund will benefit a student in the Minority Introduction To Engineering and Science (MITES) Program, a rigorous 6-week residential summer academic program which exposes high school juniors from underrepresented and underserved communities  to the rewards and challenges of pursuing careers in engineering, science and entrepreneurship. For 30 years, the MITES Program has successfully educated some of the brightest underrepresented minority students in science and engineering.

Black History Project Fund (3839050)
The project’s overall objective is to place the black experience at MIT in its full and appropriate context, by pulling together and disseminating a varied set of materials and by exposing a larger community of interests—both inside and outside MIT—to this rich, historically significant legacy. This project seeks to identify, assemble, organize, analyze, interpret, and provide access to a broad range of materials on the black experience at MIT; to cultivate public interest in these materials; and to encourage widespread participation in studying, preserving, and disseminating them. After completing and exploring a considerable amount of information from the MIT archives and Museum, oral history—including TECHNOLOGY AND THE DREAM, a black alumni survey, and other relevant archival materials, the next phase of this project is to develop a Web-Based History of the Black Experience at MIT.

Ronald E. McNair Scholarship Fund (3340400)
Established by BAMIT in 1986, the Fund is named in honor of Dr. Ronald E. McNair '77, the black NASA astronaut and MIT alumnus who lost his life in the space shuttle Challenger explosion on January 28, 1986.  Dr. McNair's commitment to excellence and service in the black community are qualities that the Fund recognizes and rewards in black MIT undergraduates.

BSU Lounge Renovation Fund  (2686400) 
Established by BAMIT in 1995, the Fund supports renovations and enhancements of the Black Students Union Lounge.

Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science Program (MITES) Fund  (2737175)
Contributions to the fund are used for the salary of the instructors, tutors, housing, field trips, etc.  If an individual supports one or more students at $7000, that particular student becomes a scholar in the donor's name (e.g., Jane Doe Scholar)

William H. Ramsey '51 MITES Fund (3659900)
Gifts for an endowed fund for scholarship assistance with preference for the Minority Introduction to Engineering (MITES) program.

Diversity Fellowships Fund (2791500)

Chocolate City Academic Incentive Fund (3649350) 
This fund is established to provide an academic incentive award to Chocolate City for events or programs such as, but not limited to, semi-annual retreats, house outings, or other events that further MIT's mission, provided that the house's average GPA equals or exceeds a target set annually by the director of the Office of Minority Education (OME) for both the fall and spring semesters.

Chocolate City Renovation/Program Fund (2732250)
Established in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Chocolate City, this fund supports renovations and enhancements to study and lounge spaces at Chocolate City, as well as providing funds for educational programming for Chocolate City brothers and the Black student community on campus.

Frank S. Jones Student Activity Fund (2041200)
Setup in 1997 as an expendable (as opposed to endowed) fund to support any kind of graduate student activities in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP). Purpose is to support underrepresented minority students in DUSP.

Albert G. Hill Prize Fund  (3626800) 
A fund established by Dean Albert G. Hill to endow annual prizes for minority students.

Phyllis A. Wallace Visiting Scholarship Fund (32566) 
An endowment fund in honor of Professor Wallace, the first black tenured professor at the Sloan School, to support one or more black visiting scholars at the Sloan School of Management.

Phyllis A. Wallace Doctoral Fellows Fund  (33125)
An endowment fund in honor of Professor Wallace to provide support for a black person or persons who have been admitted to the Sloan School Doctoral Program.

Alvin J. Siteman Fund (33113)
An endowment fund established by Alvin J. Siteman for graduate student aid with first preference to African American doctoral candidates in the Sloan School of Management.